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Industry First Integrated Wireless IOT Controller Gateway for Instant IOT Monitoring and Edge Analytics

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Success Stories


Le Meridien Hotels

High Performance Gigabit WiFi @ Le Meridien Hotels
Le Meridien, a global luxury hotel chain, has become one of the first to deploy BlueZen’s High Performance Gigabit WiFi network in its hotel guest rooms and common areas. It is a Fully Managed WiFi infrastructure providing 100% coverage.

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Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is a Spanish manufacturing company principally involved in setting up of power generation wind farms.Blue Zen Technologies provides backhaul connectivity for machine-to-machine communications in areas where fiber installation is cost prohibitive.

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Regen Power

Regen Powertech had severe difficulties in transferring the data from the remote sites to their control rooms (SCADA Operations). Bluezen played a major role in providing the solution. Bluezen team performed detailed site audits and supplied Top Quality High Performance industrial grade rugged and IP67 rated Wireless Access Point powered with Unique BZ Software and 48V gigabit POE adaptors.

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Crescent University

Crescent University, a leading Engineering and Technology Institution in Southern part of India, achieved 100% WiFi coverage based on BlueZen High Performance Wireless Access Point and Fully Managed Infrastructure. Bluezen provided Cost-Effective Deployment of Managed WiFi for Hostels and Common Areas compliant with 802.11b/g/n standards and MIMO delivering up to 300 Mbps throughput over wireless for greater overall performance and connectivity.

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VIBCONS, a leading provider of Vibration Control Technologies, selected BlueZen Technologies to provide real time monitoring of vibrations using Advanced SMART TRI AXIAL Vibration Sensor. In addition, BlueZen was able to provide edge monitoring and analysis using its innovative IOT Gateway Edge like Instant Alerts, Trend Analysis and Report generation.

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evolve solar

Evolve Solar, a key supplier of Solar Power Generation systems, is using Power Monitoring system based on BlueZen Connectivity technology. Blue Zen system efficiently uses communication gateways to collect field data and then transferring it to the Cloud platform to achieve intelligent remote operations.

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What People Say About Us

Bluezen provided us with a breakthrough SMART IOT solution for our Factory customers. They enabled us to leapfrog to Next Gen technology in a speedy and cost-effective way!


We have had great success in proliferating Bluezen Wireless infrastructure products into our premier hotels. Excellent technology backed by solid support!


Bluezen has been an excellent partner in taking us to the industrial IOT sector with world-class, reliable products backed by good support.Their platform enable factory customers to gain visibility into our operations.


BlueZen’s proven technology and support enabled us to upgrade our Campus Wireless Distribution system easily. They always go the extra mile in terms of customer support!

Crescent University

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High Performance Wireless Connectivity

Fully Integrated End to End IOT

Edge Analytics / Advanced Cloud Analytics

Simplified Deployment IOT in a Box for MSME Operations

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