BlueZen Technologies

Transforming Connectivity for THINGS

A leading provider of Next Generation IOT, Edge Analytics and High Performance Wireless Infrastructure Technologies.

BlueZen Technologies has innovated fully integrated IOT solutions based on best of breed IOT Sensors, Connectivity Hardware, Software, High Speed Wireless Infrastructure, Gateway and Advanced Edge Analytics for the Factory sector: BZ SMART FACTORY IOT. BlueZen Technologies is the first to market fully integrated IOT AP Gateway system, Edge Analytics/Machine Learning along with a growing Sensor Library and Voice-based dashboards.

BlueZen is playing a pioneering role in the development of high performance Gigabit Access And Wireless Distribution products for commercial hotspot WDS, High Performance Backhaul, Mobile 4G router systems along with Controllers and Gateway Appliances for Managed Services.

Company has been steadily increasing customer traction and installed base footprint with a strong operational buildup.