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BlueZen offers both Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access products based on its unique High Performance SMART platform to transform connectivity for Next Generation applications: Gigabit Wireless Access and Distribution, IOT, High Speed Mobile Access via 4G, Wireless Surveillance, Hypermedia Access, Enterprise WDS and Rural Transformation. BlueZen is the first to offer the same highly optimized Wireless Core Platform for Hotspot Wireless Distribution, IOT and Surveillance applications thus enabling unprecedented cost savings, ease of use and centralized management.

BZ-SMART Access points provide High Capacity and Extended Range capabilities for Commercial WiFi Hotspots and long range backhaul requiring complete security, user management and device management.

BZ-SMART Unified Controller and Gateway appliances provide Complete Infrastructure Management.

BZ SMART Mobile WiFi 4G Routers

BZ-SMART Industrial Grade High Performance WiFi/4G Access Point Router series is a new class of products providing Industrial Grade High Performance wireless connectivity for High Speed Mobile Transportation, Remote Connectivity and Long Range Monitoring.

The products provide multiple Ethernet options and super processing speeds for high throughput performance combined with flow control, VPN and advanced security features.

BZ-SMART Industrial Grade High Performance WiFi/4G Access Point Router Series of products ensure rich features, high WiFi coverage for connecting multiple IOT devices and reliable long distance backhaul of critical data via proven 3G/4G/LTE standards. GPS option is also available to provide location-tracking capabilities.

The advanced product version can be managed and can be configured to support a wide variety of content and customer management applications via WiFi Operating system and cloud networking. Certain products are provided with distinct capabilities including DUAL SIM option to address a wide variety of applications.

BZ 750-BGN-4G Commercial Grade Access Point Router with Single Ethernet interface, 300Mbps WiFi /1Gbps optional and 3G/4G LTE cellular connectivity; single SIM

BZ 700-BGN-4G Premium Industrial Grade Access Point Router with Single/multiple Ethernet interfaces, 300 Mbps WiFi and 3G/4G LTE cellular connectivity with GPS option; single/dual SIM

BZ 7000-BGN-4G Appliance Premium Industrial Grade Access Point Router Appliance with Single/multiple Ethernet interfaces, 300 Mbps WiFi and 3G/4G LTE cellular connectivity with GPS option; single/dual SIM; storage capacity up to 128GB

  • Remote connectivity of Branches, ATMs, retail outlets, vending machines

  • Bus WiFi involving vehicle tracking, hotspot services and portal applications

  • Remote Equipment Monitoring using IOT sensor/gateway connectivity (Factory IOT, Energy IOT and Large Campus IOT applications)

  • Connectivity for Police Vehicles with indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras

  • Remote Monitoring of Smart Grids

  • School Bus Monitoring

  • Remote Oil and Gas Drilling area monitoring



IOT in a BOX: Fully integrated End to End SMART IOT platform for variety of IOT applications in the Factory, Healthcare, Energy Monitoring and Campus Automation segments

Comprehensive Range of IOT ready SMART sensors and SMART CONNECT Modules connecting to BlueZen SMART Core Wireless Infrastructure Platform – Fully Integrated Wireless Platform with Core IOT Controller Gateway and Edge Analytics.

  • High density deployment and instant scalability

  • High Performance and long range coverage

  • Fully Bundled packages

  • Extremely cost-effective single radio platform

  • Customizable Analytics