BZ-IOT Integrated SMART EM Node

BZ- IOT SMART Energy Meter is a rugged, industrial strength IOT system that is pre-packaged with industry’s best energy meters. It is an innovative integration of IOT Smart Connect Module (SCM) technology and the reliability of branded energy meters.

BZ- IOT- Smart Meter is a key component of our BZ-SMART IOT platform. It instantly connects to the BZ-Cloud (via Insta Cloud Connect) or BZ-IOT Gateway Controller system with edge appliance for real time monitoring and control. It can be connected to the local server or BZ-Cloud.

BZ Cloud simultaneously monitors data from the energy meters and keeps you updated of current energy consumption levels and other events. You can easily setup alert levels and mode of alert notification. You can also use the analytics tools to visualize the data for deeper insights. Reports can be set up to automatically generate periodic status information.

No more worries about penalties due to exceeding maximum demand or harmonics distortion. You get timely alerts right in your phone so that you can take action and ensure you meet regulatory norms at all times.

Key Highlights
  • Monitor the energy meter parameters from your mobile phone or web portal
  • Dashboards for Condition/Event/ Status monitoring and reports
  • Alerts delivered by email, SMS and Android notifications
  • Wireless Communication with WiFi and Cellular variants
  • Easy setup and configuration