Integrated IOT Controller / Gateway

Smart Connect Module


Enabling IOT in a BOX for MSME Segments

BZ-SMART IOT is an innovative and cost-effective IOT solution  platform for commercial and industrial applications aimed initially at the Factory segment, but can also used for Campus and Hospital segments. It provides an end-to-end IOT network of Sensors, Wireless Connect modules, Integrated Controller Gateway with the GLUE platform software comprising of connectivity software, protocols, security management, real time monitoring dashboards and edge analytics engine.

Device Configuration


Analytics / Machine Learning

BZ SMART ANALYTICS is specifically built to help a number of key segments including Factories, Hospitality, Campus/Large Enterprises, Transportation businesses, Smart Cities and Large Residential Campuses. It comprises of Edge Analytics with Monitoring, trending and reporting as a basic offering and Advanced Analytics Engine as an add-on that combines traditional network analytics with Wireless Sensor (IOT) analytics and transactional history to make informed business decisions.

BZ SMART ANALYTICS provides predictive analysis in real-time mode and in a very short period of time using Machine Learning.

BZ SMART ANALYTICS makes use of Local or Cloud based Big Data technology and storage innovations, which greatly enhance the scale and performance of a system when used to process historical data.