BZ-IOT 5000

BZ-IOT-5000 Controller Gateway (CGW) is a highly integrated system comprising of High Performance Wireless Access System and Integrated IOT Edge Monitoring and Gateway Appliance which can be set up as clusters with the option of connecting to local server or cloud. It is an Industrial Grade High Performance Integrated WiFi AP Gateway System with the option of adding BLE, 4G and LoRa modules.

The products ensure ultra-reliable operations in harsh environments involving wide temperature range and difficult terrains combined with proven high speed cellular connectivity from any distant location. The products provide Ethernet Interface option and enhanced processing speeds for high throughput performance combined with flow control, VPN and many advanced security features.

The following product variants are available to address a wide variety of applications. The advanced version product variant can serve as an Instant IOT Edge Monitoring and Analytics device:

Product Variant Brief Description
BZ-IOT-5000 -CGW -IN Integrated IOT Core Controller Gateway with WiFi- Indoor Type
BZ-IOT-5000-CGW-OUT Integrated IOT Core Controller Gateway with WiFi- Outdoor Type
BZ-IOT-5000PLUS -CGW Integrated IOT Core Controller Gateway with WiFi and built in Appliance for Edge Monitoring and Analysis