Enabling IOT in a BOX for MSME Segments

BZ-SMART IOT is an innovative and cost-effective IOT solution  platform for commercial and industrial applications aimed initially at the Factory segment, but can also used for Campus and Hospital segments. It provides an end-to-end IOT network of Sensors, Wireless Connect modules, Integrated Controller Gateway with the GLUE platform software comprising of connectivity software, protocols, security management, real time monitoring dashboards and edge analytics engine.

Major Platform Components

Major Platform Components
  • IOT Ready Sensors
  • BZ-5000PLUS Integrated IOT Controller Gateway System with Edge Analytics
  • BZ-SCM SMART Connect Module
  • Instant Sensor On-Boarding Tool
  • Blue Glue Unifying Platform Software
  • Pre-Packaged Dashboards
  • Advanced Analytics
Key Features
  • SIMPLICITY, COST-EFFECTIVENESS and INTEGRATION REDEFINED with best of breed hardware modules and unifying software
  • WiFi, BLE or other Low Energy Wireless Protocol in the same system along with Integrated IOT Controller and Gateway for Secure Management and Monitoring
  • EDGE ANALYTICS: Machine Learning based Advanced Predictive Analysis (APA) at the Edge
  • End to End Solution: Glue Software Enabling of Instant Connectivity and Intelligent IOT Monitoring